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Unveiling of the commemorative Dragon watch by A. Lange 12/6/2012
Since it's release in 2002, A. Lange 1 Moonphase has been a staple in the Lange 1 collection.  The display arguably provides the most faithful emulation of synodic time, as if it were directly linked to the great celestial mechanism that speeds the earths' satellite along its orbit.  It is a display that, just like the moon itself, does not jump forward merely once per day, or twice. Instead, it is connected to the continuum of the hour wheel. So the moon in this master piece, in step with the real one, is always in motion.  This may not be discernable by the naked eye, but it is unquestionably realistic.  It is the awareness of this perpetual motion, combined with the implementation of a monumental horological challenge, that constitutes the excitement and appeal of this Lange creation.

The most important aspect however, of this particular edition, is on the other side.  Designed specially for 2012 the Year of the Dragon, in cooperative effort with Chong Hing Jewelers, the 18 Carat Rose Gold caseback features an intricate hand engraved dragon to mark this significant year.

Mr. Gaetan Guillosson, President of A. Lange and Sohne North America and Mr. Ronald Lee, Chairman of the Chong Hing Jewelers Group hosted a dinner on Saturday, Dec 1, 2012, for small group of collectors to celebrate the début of this Limited Edition Dragon Timepiece and other rare and unique A.Lange and Sohne timepieces.

There will only be a total of 9 pieces for this special Limited Edition Dragon Timepiece.  The 2012, year of Dragon commemorative watch has a Rose-Gold case under the A. Lange 1 Moonphase collection which features a patented outsize date, a 72-hour power reserve indicator and a Moon-Phase display that is 99.998 percent accurate. The caseback has a 3-D image of a Dragon Flying in the Clouds is painstakingly hand-engraved 100% by a Master Engraver in the factory in Glashutte, Germany.  It takes a Master Engraver more than 1,000 hours to complete the highly intricate engraving.
The master engraver comments that this the most difficult project he had undertaken due to extensive amount of details involved. Each collector will receive an eye-loupe to allow hours of enjoyment for close-up appreciation of this watch.  Each timepiece is signed & lithographed by the master engraver.
Mr. Lee will be the proud owner of the No. 1 piece, out of the 9 pieces available. He says that the Dragon symbolizes Power and Strength and was once the symbol of the Emperor of China.  This truly unique timepiece will be offered exclusively through Chong Hing Jewelers and CH Premier Jewelers by invitation only. 
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