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Chopard: one of the most recognizable luxury jewelers in the world

Geneva-based luxury watch, jewelry, and accessories company Chopard has been a leader in the world of luxury items since its inception in 1860 by Louie-Ulysse Chopard.Chopard has held an unwavering tradition of excellence and a history shaped by passion and precision. Initially a pocket watch manufacturer, it is now a family-run empire providing excellence in aesthetics and technology to it dedicated customers. Perpetuated by the Scheufele family for over nine decades, Chopard is revered for its creativity and advancements in high-end jewelry and watches.

In the mid-Seventies, the company effectively transitioned from being a reputable pocket watch manufacturer to producing ladies' watches and jewelry. The Chopard Happy Diamonds collection was introduced in 1976. The watches from this stunning collection featured free-moving diamonds that floated freely between two transparent sapphire crystals around the movement. The daring move was a bonafide hit and the Happy Sport and Happy Spirit collections soon followed. The Mille Miglia classic cars partnership in 1988 also proved to be a victory. To celebrate the anniversary of the joint venture, Chopard has maintained the tradition of developing an annual special edition Mille Miglia watch each year.

Chopard has gained a significant amount of loyal celebrity followers when it began a partnership with the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. This brilliant alliance allowed the manufacturer to dress red carpet A-listers in its jewelry and watches. Brand ambassadors were adorned in Chopard diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings at the popular French festival. The partnership has helped Chopard grow its already increasing fan base, as well as secure its hold as one of the top watch and jewelry companies in the world. There are a number of exclusive Chopard Authorized Retailers in the United States.

Chopard jewelry and watches are most notable for their whimsical yet sophisticated artistry and expert precision. This is evident in their Happy Diamond, Spirit, and Sports collections, in which mobile diamonds move freely around the movement of the watch. Chopard calls this a "profound tribute to the most precious stone in the world." In addition, complete in-house manufacturers are a rare breed these days but Chopard remains one of the most well-known companies that still produce their watch movements from conception to production. This exclusivity grants Chopard complete power over its products and enforces the strictest quality control standards and caliber of its timepieces.

Chopard Happy Sport watch collection

Chopard debuted its Happy Sport collection in 1993. Happy Sport watches were an immediate hit and hold their place in history as exemplars in the history of fine watches. At once contemporary but classic, exuberant yet sporty, the collection ingeniously combines stainless steel and gold with diamonds. Choose from a collection of glamorous models in 18k yellow, white or rose gold, stainless steel or diamond-set face; and 5 or 7 mobile diamonds.

Chopard Happy Spirit watch

The Chopard Happy Spirit watch was introduced in 2003. The Chopard Happy Spirit is clearly one-of-a-kind with its stunning concentric circles around a single mobile diamond. Part of the Happy Spirit line of diamond accessories, the watch is uniquely designed for the woman who is anything but common. This model comes in three different designs: 18k yellow gold, white gold, or diamond-set white gold. All versions feature the signature Chopard Happy mobile diamond and the finest leather bands.

Chopard L.U.C.

Not to be outdone by their female counterpart, the Chopard L.U.C. collection is one of the most accurate and sought-after precision watch assortments available. The collection is renowned for its technical innovation and style. The watches have a decidedly masculine design for even the most discerning connoisseurs who are passionate about "Haute Horlogerie." From the classic chronometer L.U.C 1860 to the impressive Tourbillon, each L.U.C watch is set apart by a steady balance between technical workmanship and design. All Chopard L.U.C watches come with COSC-certified chronometer movements.

Chopard 1000 Milgia

Passion. Performance. Precision. These are only a few of the uncanny likenesses between automotive engineering and watch making. The 1000 Miglia collection is the result of an astounding effort between Chopard and the Mille Miglia, an annual Italian vintage and classic cars rally, and represents the essence of classic racing car events. The watches in the 1000 Miglia collection are made with stainless steel and are all water resistant. Furthermore, they are certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Institute.

Astute customers will find unrivaled customer service combined with the most outstanding collection of the finest and rarest watches and jewelry.

Official website: http://www.chopard.com

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